On Gratitude… and stuff

Far be it from me to seize upon an obvious topic to tackle (like Winnie the Pooh – see post https://greenleaf4life.blog/2022/10/08/tackling-trauma/) like gratitude (not Winnie the Pooh) on the eve of Thanksgiving.

But here we are…

***And another thing – I do so love when I corner myself literally by date stamping a post to invariably finish it another day… (yes, the *** means something — you’ll understand later…)

So, it’s quite fucking possible I will actually finish this post on Thanksgiving, and even more fucking (gratuitous use of “fucking” – ’tis the [fucking] season, after all) likely I will finish this post post-Thanksgiving…. Evidently, there’s a gratuitous use of “post” in this post as well…

As is my yoozh… I digress…

And speaking of gratuitous and the gratuitous use thereof, which apparently means either, “uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted” or “given or done free of charge…” I gratuitously offer you the following uncalled for thoughts to chew on with your turkey… free of charge – except for the cost of your time and possibly your faith in subscribing to coherent blogs.

You’re welcome. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because it is borne out of the oppression and deception of North America’s native peoples as well as millions of mis-treated turkeys, then I humbly apologize on behalf of the colonial bastards who helped form this allegedly great country of ours.

Yes, I benefit from such colonialism as a white man, I wasn’t there at the time purging with the Puritans, and my overall influence on social justice as a whole is minimal at best…

However (not to deny the previous statements), I hope that by naming such societal and historical circumstances, it will at least make Thanksgiving that much more meaningful (and awkward) for you.

It’s not much…

But it’s a start.

Again, you’re welcome.

Yes, I couldn’t decide on a gif, so I went with three of them.

It must be the greedy colonial blood…

Except I am the grandson of German and Austrian Jewish immigrants circa the 1930s… but you get the gist.

Oh Yeah! Gratitude!

Wow! This post went off the fucking rails in a hurry…

Or did it?

Perhaps it’s all part of the evil (I mean enlightening) plan?

I find it incredibly ironic (funny, really) that gratuitous, which clearly has the same roots as gratitude, means uncalled for, unnecessary, AND given freely.

The Latin root for gratitude is gratus, which means “pleasing; welcome; agreeable” (Google search).

Although gratuitous derives some of its meaning from gratus, evidently, it also comes from the word grātuītus, which means “free.”

Why, you might ask, am I splitting hairs (not hares – save the bunnies for Easter splitting – is that a thing? Oh, never mind…) on the nuances of this nomenclature?

I haven’t the foggiest idea other than I’m hoping a point I can run with will emerge.


I love words… especially when they can inspire gratuitous discussion of how to get along on this spinning rock in the vastness of space and time…

Free? Yes.

Unnecessary? Perhaps…

Pleasing, welcome, and agreeable? Well….

That depends on you, fair reader.

As for me…

I am very grateful for this little existential elucidation through etymology…

So yeah…


There have been debates abound about the nature and expression of gratitude…

I feel for those whom need debate this topic… They’re probably members of a well-known 12-Step program (oh yeah, I am one of those people doing exactly that–except it’s a one-sided debate because this is my blog, after all…)

And I’d like to think of it as less debate and more mental masturbation in the hopes of inspiring others to… you guessed it – thrive beyond motherfucking trauma!

*** (remember these?)


Let me take you on a little trip down memory lane…

Remember when I said I would (and I quote), “invariably finish it [this post] another day…”?

Yeah, me too.

So, the day after Thanksgiving, I spent over two hours furiously tapping away at ye ol’ keyboard of dreams developing a masterpiece for you all.

I extolled the virtues of feeling and showing gratitude, gave real-life examples, included a few South Park and “That’s what she said” gifs, and I’m pretty sure I casually mentioned bestiality (and my regret for Googling such to check my spelling since WordPress denies it’s a word… oh never mind. It turns out I was misspelling it. I’m grateful I don’t know how to spell that).


Perhaps calling that work a “masterpiece” is a bit grandiose and self-generous (is that a word?).

Nonetheless and by and by, I placed a draft (so I thought) upon the Ether that basically said I (I mean you) need to let go of using labels such as “good” and “bad” and be fucking grateful for EVERYTHING.

I felt fairly self-gratified whipping out such wisdom…

And then it happened…

I noticed Old WordPress kept saying I could not post pictures because of some bullshit about me not having permission to post on this blog (maybe because of Googling morally questionable words).

Meanwhile, I had been saving my work all along… Or so I thought…

So in my wisdom (yes, the same I whipped out earlier), I decided to log out of WordPress hoping that would fix the issue.

That is the extent of my IT prowess… Turn it off and turn it back on again…

WordPress did ask me if I REALLY wanted to log out because I may lose all my unsaved work.

Long story long, I thought I had been saving all along, but Nooooooooo….

I lost my delectable diatribe on gratitude.

Yes, I went through the well-known stages of grief, including but not limited to denial and especially anger…

I did everything I could to check my post’s version history and browser history to recover the lost work.

It was not there.

Then my grief shifted gears into a big fucking slice of humble pie…

I could only laugh (I was still pissed) at myself because it felt like the Universe was giving me a dose of my own medicine.

The Universe said, “Great work, David (yeah, we’re on a first-name basis… no biggie). Here, let’s see if you really believe and practice the shit (I mean spiritual wisdom) you’ve been spewing out for others to swallow….”

And swallow it, I did…

I’m Sure There’s a Lesson Here

Yes, there’s a goddamn lesson here!

Pay attention to notifications that WordPress gives me when it says it’s not saving my shit, and oh yeah… be fucking grateful without beating your beloved readers over the head with spiritual platitudes etched in ego…

So yeah…

If you’re a praying person, perhaps you could thank the Almighty for sparing you that post that never was via my personal humbling and humiliation.

However, if I were to express gratitude (without lecturing about how you should do it — see, I’m learning), I would express gratitude to the responsiveness of the WordPress support staff for showing empathy for my situation, clearly explaining what happened, and giving me instructions to correct (or avoid) the problem from happening again.

They were very helpful.

And as you may have guessed, I followed their instructions, cleared my browser history, cache, and cookies, and it fixed the problem.

Regrettably, bestiality found it’s way back into my search history–again for spelling purposes only… Fuck, I’ve done it again…

Don’t worry… What I wrote was mostly tasteful, and I do not advocate for nor condone harming animals… Okay, maybe turkeys… humanely.

Fuck, there’s no way to explain my way out of this one so I’ll just let your imagination fill in the blanks.

I’m a work in progress, and I’m damned grateful for the grace of these little life lessons.

And the way I express my gratitude is by demonstrating to you fine folks that I fuck up regularly, I get opportunities to clean up my mistakes, and I am damned grateful for the joy of this experiment we call life…


Everyone’s an example…

Smart people learn from their own mistakes.

Wise people learn from others’ mistakes.

Be wise.

Use the wisdom I whipped out and lost.

Life is a journey, and there’s literally something to learn from every experience we have.

Sometimes the learning process is painful and humiliating as hell.

Sometimes it’s… oh never mind… learning sucks!

But just because it sucks doesn’t mean you can’t be grateful for it.

I’ve learned a few things through this latest adventure in literary lunacy.

Sure, my ego is still fairly intact, but I’m grateful for that, too.

It reminds me I have more growing to do and a host of friends and support to help me.

Plus, I think my ego-etched writing style is just edgy enough (lots of “e” words) to be…. entertaining… exceedingly so. Okay, maybe that was too much.. Perhaps even exorbitantly so…

The point is….

Gratitude, like everything else, is a practice to ease the pain of this journey of life.

Although I am certainly not qualified to give advice, I suggest adopting a regular gratitude practice.

Practice an attitude of gratitude.

Make a daily gratitude list.

Share it with others…

Demonstrate your gratitude by paying it forward to those in need.

Embrace all that is as a gift to help you grow into the best version of yourself.

And when all else fails…

Be grateful anyway!

I so want to find a way to finish with a “That’s what she said” gif…

Alas, I think this time I shall spare you the pain of my perversion.***

Be grateful…

Be well 🙂

Thank you once again for tuning into the mad rants of a would-be mental healthcare worker (except I am one 😉 ). If you’ve enjoyed reading this post half as much as I did writing it (except the part where I lost two hours of work), then please follow, like, comment, complain, or unsubscribe…. hell, it’s up to you.

Believe it or not, I am actually a very happy person and have learned a thing or two about trudging this trail of thriving beyond trauma. I’d love to partner up with you and coach you into living the life of your dreams. I am. So should you!

Reach out via email to davidgreenleaf4life@gmail.com or check me out on the socials on IG @greenleaf_4_life and TikTok @greenleaf4life.

But wait, there’s more!

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Yes, there was one set of four dots above…

Made you look!

Byeeeeee! 🙂

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