Row Your Boat

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream…

Could a fulfilling life be as simple as this children’s nursery rhyme?

What wisdom lies in these four lines?

Let’s find out!


What, you may ask, is your boat?

Your boat is whatever you want it to be.

To me, my boat is my life.

It’s what keeps me afloat.

It’s the vehicle to my destination.

My boat is my purpose!

I also think, like my life, my boat is my lane.

Stay in your lane, they say (whoever they are).

If you are in your boat, what others do in their boat doesn’t matter.

In fact, other people’s boats are none of your damn business! (see previous rants

Your boat is the only boat you have any real influence on.

You can steer your boat (minding there is a flow; we’ll talk about that later).

You can punch holes in the motherfucker and sink it if you want to.

It’s your boat!

Cherish that boat like your life depends on it! (Because it does).

Take care of that boat.

Maintain that boat.

Feel at home with that boat.

That boat is you.


Row, Row, Row…

So what happens when you take your hands off the oars?

You go where the current takes you.

Later, I will contradict myself and tell you to go with the flow of the current, but for now, grab your oars and fucking row!

Where do you want to take your boat?

Where do you want to take your life?

You have some say in this.

Your oars are your attitude and actions.

Do you see that paradise island on the horizon?

Decided you want to go there, decided you WILL get there…

Pick up your oars and fucking row!

No one else is steering your boat.

Whatever your goals or dreams, you get to head towards them.

Rowing your boat is work!

But before you decide, “Oh, I can’t do the work,” ask yourself how things have been working out in your life thus far with that attitude?

Sure, we row

and row

and row

and row

and row

and sometimes it feels like we are getting nowhere.

Keep rowing anyway!

The more you row, the stronger you get, and the closer you get to your goals.

The stronger you get, the happier you’ll be.

Be the person at the front of the boat with megaphone yelling at yourself,




Be your own cheerleader and row like your life depends on it.

Row with intention and confidence.

This morning, when I woke up at 4:30am, I did not want to get up.

The very next thought I had was “Get up!”

That’s the megaphone, the cheerleader, the coach in my head!

You have that person, too.

Decide you are worth the work and row, row, row your boat!

If you don’t feel worth it, row until you do.

Action always precedes attitude.

If you row everyday, your attitude will change.

Row your boat!

Gently Down The Stream

Ok, here’s where I may lose some of you…

As mentioned before, I will slightly contradict my rowing statements.

This may help you…

Imagine that more than one idea can exist and be true.

As an example, it is possible to feel anxiety and gratitude.

I have felt anxiety about an upcoming event and grateful for it.

Both were feelings I felt, and there was room for both.

For my psychology nerds out there (you know who you are!)…

This is called Dialectical Thinking… We can choose to look at situations from more than one perspective.

I am sure there are many other examples out there, but the point is, the following is an example of applying seemingly contrasting ideas.

So… now that we got that out of the way…

Yes, row your fucking boat! Decided where you want to go and go there!

And…. go with the flow…

Life has a flow to it.

Things happen in our lives to help us grow.

There’s a cycle of birth, life, death, and regeneration.

The sun and moon rise and fall every day (even if you don’t see them).

Ponderosa pine tree cones don’t open and spread their seeds unless there’s a fire! Sometimes, (often), the death of one thing is the beginning of another.

There’s a flow and a harmony to life.

Meditation will help you develop a greater awareness of this flow.

Part of the flow is that shit happens.

What may seem like an inconvenience (in my humble opinion) is the Universe’s flow guiding you to learn something.

It’s your choice whether to resist the flow or go with it.

Now going with the flow doesn’t mean just letting shit happen to you.

But it does mean accepting things as they are and relying on your intuition which direction to go.

When you develop an awareness of your inner resistance, lean into acceptance, and hone your intuition… you find the flow.

Meditation, self-reflection, and discussing things with an advisor help you develop this quality for going with the flow.

You gently go down the stream by practicing acceptance and gratitude for the flow.

Nothing that happens is a waste of time and effort.

Everything in this journey is sent to nourish you in some way.

It takes a lot of willingness to open up your mind to think that way sometimes.

But when you do, you find your self rowing with intention, yet, gently going down the stream…

Side note: I am not an expert on describing the state of “flow,” but what it means to me is that I am present in the moment doing what I love to do. Time speeds up or slows down, I don’t think about my problems, I just thrive…

The point is that you can find your “flow” within the flow of life.

Do what you love!

Gently down the stream…

Verily, I Say Unto Thee… Go Merrily

Since I just ranted about choosing happiness the other day, ( I’ll spare you today.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily is a promise!

According to my google search of the word merrily, it has (at least) two definitions:

  1. in a cheerful way
  2. without consideration of possible problems or future implications

As I said, merrily is a promise.

When you stay in your boat, take care of your boat, row your boat where you want go, and align yourself with the flow, the payoff is living life “in a cheerful way . . . without consideration of possible problems or future implications.”

In other words, when you are taking care of yourself, doing what you love, going for what you want, minding your own business, and trusting the process you are happy!

I know you are because I am.

Merrily (happiness) is the byproduct of living life intentionally.

Life is BUT a Dream

Now the obvious word in this line is Dream, right?

And I think we all have a grasp on what our dreams are, or at the very least (if you have as yet to identify yours) what a dream is…

Either it’s a cherished goal or you’re asleep, right?


I think the key word here is not dream, although it’s very important.

The key word, is “BUT.”

In this context, “but,” does NOT introduce a contradicting idea–how we normally use the word.

Here “but” means “Only.”

Yes, Life is ONLY a Dream….

Now that I’ve got your attention….

Let’s take a little journey down the path of expanding your consciousness…

You and I do not live in reality.

We live in our own versions of reality.

Now hang with me here a minute before I lose you….

We only see through our own perception of life based on our own experiences and biases.

We don’t even see colors the exact same way as each other!

So, if our own perceptions of “reality” differ from each other, then do we really know what life (reality) is?


It’s just our perception of life.

Again, it’s like the use of the words “good and bad.” Good and bad are simply ways we describe things based on our feelings. Neither are true. Things can feel anywhere from ecstatic to painful, but they’re really neutral.

If a lion eats a lamb, is that bad?

It’s bad if we decide it is. But what about Ms. Lion? Is it good for her and her family?

What if it’s neither good or bad, and life is just neutral?

Chew on this…. What if thoughts are merely illusions that we conjure up in an attempt to control the experience of just BEING?

What if many of us have lost the ability to be in the present moment (the flow) because we’re preoccupied with regrets about yesterday and fears about tomorrow?

We’re so consumed with guilt or fear that we miss the beauty of right now!

So… if Life is Only a Dream and our thoughts are what we make of it, why not align our thoughts with the flow of a creative and giving Universe?

Yes, life has cycles–birth, life, death, regeneration…

What if we stopped fighting those cycles and aligned our goals with them?

What if we, like the Universe, aligned with being creative and giving?

What if we embraced the cycles and let go of our fear of death?

This world can be as pleasant or miserable as you choose to make it.

Afterall, Life is BUT a Dream…


What a journey we’ve just taken!

Realize and own your boat, row it, go with the flow, enjoy the perks of purpose, and choose your own dream.

Abandon limited ideas and….




(and row some more 😉 ).

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Be well,

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