Aim, Shoot, Ready…

What the hell are you waiting for?

What do want?

What does your heart ache for?

What’s your dream?

What decision are you sitting on, yet, lack the conviction to take?

Today’s featured rant is about intention and taking action!

Take a fucking risk!

You Will Never Be Ready

Yes, I just jumped to the end of the title in my first subheading.

Because I know where I am want to go with this, and I am just taking the next action.

See how simple that is?

When you overthink what you want to do, this phenomenon is called “Analysis Paralysis.”

There’s also being a “Sexual Intellectual.” Which means you think too fucking much!

A lot of people think to accomplish their dreams and goals that they have to figure it out first.

Dreams die in the “figuring it out” stage!

No amount of research or mental gymnastics will prepare you for action.

Yes, information is important, and research has it’s place.

However, you will never feel ready for anything!


You will never feel ready for anything!

The closest to feeling ready you will be is realizing you want to do something.

That’s it!

If you want to do it, you’re fucking ready!


Intention & Attention

I’ve heard Tara Brach quote a spiritual leader (whom I’m paraphrasing): the key to a happy life is intention and attention.

I dare say that these are what you need to aim for your goals.

Again, what do you want?

Do you want peace of mind?

Do you want to date?

Do you want to go back to school?

Do you want to attract a life of Abundance?

Whatever IT is…

Decide on it!

Then fixate your attention on it!

Focus on it!

What ever you focus on grows!

Even my plants grow as I focus on their growth!

When learning to ride a motorcycle, they teach you to avoid potholes by NOT looking at them.

If you look at the pothole, you’ll hit the fucking pothole!

If you look to where you want to go, you’ll avoid the pothole.

Life is like that.

Our bodies and minds automatically take us to where our attention is.

If you are focused on being broke, unattractive, and lonely…

Guess what?

You’re manifesting that shit by focusing on it.

If you want to attract healthier people, focus on being healthy!

If you want money, don’t think about how you don’t have enough money…

Focus on Abundance and gratitude!

Don’t look at the pothole!

Look at where you want to go and trust your body and mind will figure it out along the way and will lead you in the right direction.

ProTip: Believe you’re already where you want to be!


Yes, the font is bigger on this subheading!

You know why?

Because it’s the most important part of this rant!

Don’t think about it.

Just fucking do it!

(I would buy more Nike stuff if they included the F word… just saying.)

What ever IT is for you…

Trust your vision and take the next step.

You know how I started this blog?

I didn’t sit and think of a bunch of things I wanted to talk about and write them all out. I just started the damn thing!

I went to WordPress, signed up for a page, and wrote my first post off the cuff.

Every post I write is stream of consciousness.

I don’t care (yet) how the blog page looks.

I don’t care if it looks bad or unprofessional to people.

I don’t care that I don’t know how to build a website or attract clients for life coaching.

I am writing the damn blog.

I believe in what I’m doing.

I know where I want to go.

I am learning as I go.

I am trusting the process.

And I am attracting the right people who want what I offer.

I also coughed up a bunch of money to get a business coach for a one year commitment.

Go big, or go home!

Put your money where your mouth is and do the damn thing!

When you invest money on something you believe in, believe you-me, you will do the damn thing!

I know so many people that want to do something like this, but spend so much time waiting until they feel comfortable enough in front of a camera, or have lost “enough” weight, or have the right setting, or, or, or….

These are fucking excuses and dream killers!

The way you feel more comfortable doing something is by doing it…

Do it over and over.

Do it very poorly!

Feel embarrassed.

Record shitty content.

And trust the process.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else fucking thinks!

I believe in my purpose and am pushing through the awkwardness and the learning curve.

All the answers I need will come in time.

All the answers I need I already have at this moment.


The payoff?

I feel fucking alive!

I feel more inspired than ever!

And my confidence grows every damn day because I consistently take action.

Do the fucking thing you want to do!

Stop thinking about it.

Take a risk!

I’m even doing this in my personal life….

I started dating and decided I want to attract a certain kind of woman in my life.

I wrote her a poem…

Because that’s what I fucking do, and I want to attract a woman who appreciates that.

I hesitated to share the poem with her because of fear of rejection…

Then I said, “Fuck it!”

And I sent her the poem.

I decided that what she thinks about it doesn’t matter.

It’s who I am, how I express myself, and the action I want to take to attract the kind of woman I want in my life.

Guess what?

She fucking loved it!

I felt the fear, checked in with my desires, and did it anyway!

In the words of Paul Atreides from Dune, “Fear is the mind killer.”

The way to get over fear is to feel it and take the action anyway!

Take the action!

Stop thinking about it!

Fear is the mind (dream) killer.

Take Your Shot!


Are you fired up?

I am!

And you should be, too, because you have the power to create the life you want!

Decide what you want.

Ignore the bullshit that says you can’t do it.

Take the next indicated step.

Take the next action.

Don’t worry about all the steps involved.

Just do the next step in front of you.

Apply for the job.

Record the TikTok.

Ask the person out on a date.

Book the trip.

Go to the gym.

Call the college advisor.

You’ll figure out the rest as you go.

I have faith in you!

You’re a smart cookie.

I know because you’re reading this blog! 😉

Do the damn thing!

Thank you for reading my daily rants for improving your life. Like, comment, and follow me. If you are interested in life coaching sessions, I have one slot open.

Be well!


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